Get involved

Get involved

The BANOS CSA consortium is preparing a framework for launching the joint Baltic and North Sea research and innovation programme from 2021 onwards.

The future programme will be designed to underpin and develop EU and national policies and strategies with particular consideration of Europe's blue growth strategy in the northern European regional seas.

In the coming months, the governance and management action of the BANOS CSA will develop, among other, a joint Baltic and North Sea strategic research and innovation agenda as well as engagement strategies and platforms that enable key stakeholders and end-users of knowledge and innovation of the future programme to be part of the action from the very beginning.

Whether you are a policy maker or civil servant, funder, representative of industry, IGO or NGO, member of the science community or any another stakeholder with a vested interest in the wider European regional seas agenda and the future Baltic and North Sea programme, we invite you to get involved!

To find out more, contact BANOS CSA Project Officer Karoliina Koho at, tel. +358405459605.